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We help people save THOUSANDS of dollars when they sell their home using a patent-pending home selling system that takes no shortcuts, attracts and impresses buyers. 

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Over 183 action  steps are typical in a home sale...

To improve efficiency, Countdown Realty has assigned the 183 actions steps to the four (4) basic workstation categories. When agents have limited scope of duties, they become more skilled in their respective area of responsibility. 

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Ordinary real estate teams are not the answer...

In a typical real estate team approach, you meet the best team member first, and everyone else it "hired" help.

The Countdown Realty system reverses that. Our area Zone Reps get listing agreements  signed, and then "upstream" the remaining effort to experienced, highly skilled management level professionals. 


If after previewing our Online Demo you can find a real estate broker that offers a more comprehensive home marketing plan for less money, we will match their pricing.